Product Overview

Reduce Backup Time

For every terabyte stored, there’s a terabyte to be protected. Though the cost of primary storage has fallen, the cost of protecting it has not.

The deployment of more disk systems has become a management nightmare for those responsible for business continuity.

With many organisations observing an increasing rate of storage consumption the backup infrastructure begins to buckle under the sheer volume of data.

What if the backup could be optimised such that files would be backed-up only as many times as was desired?

What if a full backup could be reduced to reflect only the data that was relevant?

Smaller full backups, smaller daily backups and faster restore times are all possible with Moonwalk™.

As Moonwalk™ continues to reduce the consumption of primary disk systems and removes data that is considered to be of less value, the backup of these disks systems is automatically optimised.

Just as deploying more disk creates a burden on supporting infrastructure, the release of that disk creates a reverse effect.

Supporting systems such as Network, Backup, Replication, DR and Support effort are scaled down to reflect a volume of data that is more relevant to the immediate activity of the organisation; the active dataset.

As Moonwalk™ releases more and more primary storage, customers can enjoy the benefit of an increase in capacity without direct infrastructure expenditure.