Product Overview

Cap Primary Storage

Unstructured files represent in excess of 50% of all held data. In excess of 80% of that data is Fixed Content and/or Inactive.

Most of this data resides on primary storage within production systems. It is the fastest growing element of corporate datasets.

The solution to this storage challenge cannot be to buy more primary storage. Continually upgrading the storage capacity of primary systems may appear to address the problem, but for each additional terabyte of primary storage deployed, more capacity is required in the network, the servers, the backup and disaster recovery.

The capacity of primary storage systems cannot be increased without creating an additional capacity demand of all supporting systems.

Moonwalk™ automates and intelligently manages the migration of data from primary storage to other storage tiers or object stores within the network or external cloud services.

Storage consumption is immediately reduced on the primary systems resulting in better performing servers, faster backups and a capping of primary disk expenditure.

Primary storage is liberated of older, lesser used files and stores only the data which is of most importance to the organisation.

Should any legacy data be required, Moonwalk™ automatically restores it on request. This immediate restoration of archived data coupled with a reduction in hardware expenditure delivers  a significant benefit to the bottom line.