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Moonwalk Universal Announces Certification for Cloudian HyperStore

Palo Alto, CA – 30 January, 2018 – Moonwalk Universal, a specialist in large-scale data management solutions, today announced certification for Cloudian HyperStore. 

Cloudian HyperStore lets users grow to hundreds of petabytes on-premises simply by adding nodes and leveraging the proven interoperability of the industry’s only 100% native S3 API. Whether for on-premises storage, hybrid cloud, or multi-cloud storage services, Cloudian HyperStore saves time, saves cost, and puts users in control.
With the latest release, Moonwalk version 12.3 brings file control and automation to enterprise storage infrastructure and intelligently moves file content to the appropriate location – on-premise object stores, offsite storage or cloud services.

Moonwalk slashes storage TCO, reduces complexity and optimizes storage resource utilization. The software’s dynamic workload placement moves file content according to user, size, name and age – storing data at the right place at the right time.

Along with its most advanced software yet, Moonwalk has also introduced its most affordable: Moonwalk Starter Edition, available free for up to 25 TB, including the Cloudian HyperStore plugin.

“Moonwalk manages data growth that cannot be resolved with traditional data management products that introduce layers of inefficiency, vendor lock-in, or added complexity,” said Michael Harvey, co-founder and Vice President of Business Development at Moonwalk. “We are delighted to offer the Cloudian HyperStore plugin as part of our free Starter Edition.” 
“IT managers need simple, easily scaled solutions to help manage the avalanche of unstructured data growth,” said Jon Toor, CMO of Cloudian. “The combination of Moonwalk and Cloudian gives customers both a powerful management layer plus a limitlessly-scalable storage layer that provides a proven, cost-effective platform today while growing seamlessly to meet the needs of tomorrow.” 

Moonwalk Starter Edition is available here.

About Cloudian

Cloudian turns information into insight with an infinitely scalable platform that consolidates, manages and protects enterprise data. Cloudian data management solutions bring cloud technology and economics to the data center with uncompromising data durability, intuitive management tools, and the industry’s most compatible S3 API. Cloudian and its ecosystem partners help Global 1000 customers simplify unstructured data management today, while preparing for the data demands of AI and machine learning tomorrow.

About Moonwalk Universal

Moonwalk Universal develops all-inclusive data management and protection software for major operating systems, storage platforms and the cloud. Moonwalk is found in banking, healthcare, manufacturing, government, research and other key industries. For more information visit