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NetVac File Management Made Simple

Moonwalk Universal today announced the release of NetVac for the HDS EMEA Southern Region.

Palo Alto, Calif.– Date 27 November 2012–Moonwalk today announced the release of NetVac for the HDS EMEA Southern Region. Built upon the Moonwalk Data Management technology platform, NetVac provides a powerful solution for cost effectively and securely preserving the data on the Hitachi Content Platform (HCP) and significantly reducing the ongoing operational overheads.

A turnkey solution, NetVac can be implemented without the overhead typically associated with traditional data management solutions, providing immediate benefits such as massive reduction in primary storage requirements, significantly reduced backup overheads, and the ability to manage data according to the attributes of those data.

NetVac enables the implementation of granular data governance policies that reflect the regulatory requirements affecting data. It also offers the ability to test assumptions and data management rules prior to execution to help optimize benefits.

According to Jonathan Preston, Hitachi Data Systems Business Development Manager for File, Content and Cloud Systems EMEA Southern Region, “The explosive growth of file data demands a rethinking of how to manage this information across the enterprise. NetVac allows file data to be transparently moved throughout the enterprise according to corporate policy and be relocated to the Hitachi Content Platform environment where it is secure and can be managed according to lifecycle rules.

NetVac supports a range of primary file systems including Windows and NetApp, the abstracted architecture allows for ease of implementation for new file system support, and the HTTP integration delivers a fast and flexible transfer mechanism as opposed to the older and slower CIFS/NFS.”

Moonwalk CEO Peter Harvey said “When you start to combine NetVac features such as data analysis, scalability, powerful rules engine and secure data transmission, with the Hitachi Content Platform’s inbuilt de-duplication, compression and encryption technology you are starting to approach the ‘silver bullet solution’ for unstructured data management. This combination represents an ideal platform for creation of private/public cloud services, with ease of implementation, low OPEX costs, enterprise wide policy enforcement and the HCP ability for auto dispose and spin down drives based on business policies”.

NetVac is currently available to customers in Switzerland, Israel, Italy and Spain. For further information please forward any enquiries to or